28 Nov 2010

Zumba Results – Amy C.

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I have always been overweight all my life.  After moving furniture one day, I almost stroked out.  My son, in complete tears, asked me if I was going to die.  I couldn’t stand the thought of letting my little angel down.  I decided that day it was time for me to work to a slimmer me. After beginning a weight loss program, exercise was next.  I started at home and that didn’t work at all.  I tried going to the gym and as motivated as I was, I still couldn’t make myself go.  A friend suggested me taking a class and it helped me get there but it wasn’t interesting or fun.  Who wants to work out and not have fun?  I had seen an advertisement for Zumba and decided to try it.  I had no idea what I had began.  I laughed and had fun.  It was amazing!!!  Kate was so supportive and helps you to do your best.  She is always there to work with you after class if you have a question.  The best part about my Zumba class is that we have fun.  It is dancing and you feel good doing it.  I smile the entire way through it.  Without Kate’s help, I would have never came as far as I have.  I have lost over 100 lbs in just under a year.  Zumba is great for any age.  There are older people and younger people and Kate makes it possible for everyone.  We work different muscle groups all the time so it never gets boring and isnt the same day in and day out.  I couldn’t have done it without Kate and Zumba.

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