ZFit Rewards Program



ZFit Studio has partnered with Perkville to provide our wonderful customers with rewards for attending regularly. New customers automatically receive an opt-in email to join the rewards program, with the option to unsubscribe and never receive another notification. Ongoing clients can sign up for our rewards program at perkville.com.  It works just like a frequent flyer program or a punch card at your local coffee shop and is an easy way for us to reward our most loyal clients again and again.   Perkville integrates directly with MINDBODY so when clients attend a class they automatically earn points, and Perkville sends an email the next morning inviting them to track their points online at www.perkville.com. Clients that have enough points for a $5 or $25 credit or a free class can redeem their points on Perkville and bring in a printed voucher that they will use as their credit. Perkville is a trusted partner of MINDBODY, our scheduling system. Perkville will never share or use any ZFit Studio client information.


ZFit Rewards


Keep earning points with each visit, purchase, referral and post!

Participation is 100% voluntary and you can opt out at anytime.  The email will be coming directly from perkville.com so keep an eye out after your next visit. Points not valid for CASH BACK (unless required by law). Does not cover tax. Must use in one visit and cannot be used with other offers. Referrals are credited “after” a friend attends a class. “Free Class” redemption cannot be used for Events or Workshops.

What do I say when I post to Facebook?

Share your experience! Tell people about the strides you’ve made and the fun you are having at ZFit.

Why should my friends give ZFit a try?

 ZFit and Perkville.com make it easy for your friends to try us!  We provide a fun supportive atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

Who do the emails come from?

Emails will come directly from Perkville.com not ZFit Studio

I haven’t received an email to register but I’ve come to studio and attended a class. What do I do?

Perkville.com will use the address that ZFit Studio  has on file. You can also go to Perkville.com and register online.  Your points will be waiting in your account.


*Points do not include sales tax and cannot be redeemed with any other offers.